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Cliftons Academy

Dedicated to providing relevant skills and development in order to improve our individual performance, client experience and organisational success.

Welcome to Cliftons Academy!

Cliftons Academy is a suite of external online training courses and internal training programs.  The concept of the Academy came out of the recent employee engagement survey results about you wanting more Learning and Development opportunities. 

The program has been developed around a competency framework for the various streams within the organisation which outline the skills and behaviours required in order to effectively perform your job.  The competency framework also feeds into the recruitment and annual performance review process.

If you are new to Cliftons, you will first need to complete the New Employee Induction and Workplace Health and Safety modules (located in Welcome to Cliftons) within your first month of employment.

The list of all available courses are located on the left hand side of the screen.  Simply click on the course or competency of interest.

How to Register

Registration is easy.  Simply click on the link to your preferred course or competency and follow the prompts.  In some instances you may be taken straight to the online course or to the registration screen on the external providers portal.  Otherwise you will receive an email confirming your selection with a link to the online program.

Further courses will be added over time, so please provide us with your feedback and what other courses you would like to see by using the Submit a New Topic link located below the course list on the left hand side of the screen.

If you have any further questions about the program please contact Human Resources by using the Contact Us link.

Happy learning!